The WILD Cities campaign unites urban residents, organizations and officials from around the world. By signing the WILD Cities Declaration, individuals, organizations and city governments become WILD Cities Champions, pledging to promote the social, environmental and health benefits of wild nature, integrate wild nature with arts and urban life, and celebrate biological and cultural diversity in and around urban areas.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

With their own work amplified by the collaborative campaign, Champions advance projects and policies that increase permeability, resilience and livability. They also clear the way for nature to restore health and joy for people, providing space for wildness – and our creativity – to rise.

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The campaign’s founding partners, champions and team members drafted the WILD Cities Declarationinviting organizations to join the collaborative, nonpartisan campaign.

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From Frankfurt to Mumbai, New York to San Francisco, our ten Founding Champions are leaders in the WILD Cities campaign.

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Our Project Partners collaborate with us to design and advance on-the-ground work, promote the project’s larger campaign, and create more support for effective nature-based policies and programs.

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Cities have been the epicenters of community and innovation for millennia. Today, they are exciting, creative and exceptionally dynamic places growing rapidly around the world. We have a great opportunity to connect more urbanites to nature and to each other, making our cities healthier, people happier, and nature a more integral and protected part of our everyday lives.

Daniela Uribe

Social Change Catalyst - Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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