How do WILD Cities Champions benefit from joining the campaign?

  1. Champions gain collective capacity: The Project facilitates an experience-sharing network, peer-to-peer exchange, and connected and multiplied efforts, with support from the WILD Cities Project team.
  2. Champions increase impact with new partners: The Project builds creative interaction among Champions and between social, cultural and environmental sectors.
  3. Champions extend reach and amplify voice via coordinated campaign and messaging: The Project brings together divergent voices and translates technical messages to civic language for new and diverse audiences.
  4. Champions gain resources, connections and practices: The Project builds a global learning collaborative and supports established networks to increase knowledge and sharing of new tools and policy ideas.
  5. Champions gain collective energy and inspiration: The Project provides a consistent platform for the optimistic, hopeful and innovative WILD Cities vision.
  6. Champions get more work done on the ground: The Project establishes partnerships among Champions and with the Project team.
  7. Champions reach new audiences: The Project promotes the work of its Champions.
  8. Champions reach new potential funders and partners: The Project team identifies co-funding opportunities and may direct support to Champions.

How are WILD Cities Champions invited to contribute? 

  1. Champions sign and commit to advancing the vision, principles and actions included in the WILD Cities Declaration.
  2. Champions voluntarily contribute replicable practices, concepts and policies for potential application around the world.
  3. Champions join with others to act as “ambassadors,” sharing case studies and stories to inspire broad participation and spread the campaign’s messages as appropriate.
  4. Champions engage voluntarily in WILD Cities Project workshops, webinars and global gatherings, adding to dialogue about campaign priorities, common messages and strategies to heighten impact.
  5. Champions voluntarily recruit others to join the Project and endorse the WILD Cities Declaration.
  6. Champions agree to be listed as such on any and all materials/communications distributed by The WILD Foundation related to the Project.
  7. Champions agree that fellow champions and project partners may also communicate the list of Champions at their discretion.
  8. Champions voluntarily contribute written material, images/video, specific project work and other products that advance the shared vision and goals of WILD Cities. The Project may promote this work.

Who is invited to sign the WILD Cities Declaration?

  • Environmental nonprofit organizations
  • Municipal governments and planners
  • Social and economic nonprofit organizations
  • Cultural nonprofit organizations
  • Community development corporations
  • City associations/coalitions
  • Businesses
  • Civic group leaders
  • Neighborhood/block groups
  • Parks and recreation agencies
  • Amateur and professional sports organizations
  • Protected area authorities
  • Zoos
  • Development/economic think tanks
  • Schools and universities
  • County governments
  • Religious institutions
  • Architects and engineers
  • Individuals

Why is The WILD Foundation involved?

The WILD Foundation, based in Boulder, CO, USA, is an internationally-recognized and qualified facilitator and catalyst of projects and movements benefiting people and the rest of nature. WILD has launched dozens of creative and innovative initiatives with a diverse range of partners as part of its uniquely collaborative approach to conservation. For four decades, WILD has coordinated the World Wilderness Congress to incubate and advance new theories and practices to create a wilder world.

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