WILD Cities Champions

The organizations below have signed the WILD Cities Declaration, embracing its principles and committing to advance the campaign’s larger goals. They represent many specific disciplines from different regions of the world, all of which recognize the essential value of wild nature. Individuals are also encouraged to sign the Declaration and join the movement to create wilder cities. We can help you find a role in the campaign if you want to get your hands in the soil.

Sign the Declaration

If your organization would like to join the campaign and appear below, please go to the Declaration page and announce your support. Individual signers will be listed separately in the near future.

Support WILD Cities

There are many opportunities to contribute to the campaign. The WILD Cities team can help you get involved with projects and organizations in your area, and we’re grateful for your financial investments that enable us to advance projects and policies with our Partners and Champions. Donate to WILD Cities. Thank you!

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