Who We Are

Cities are a leading cause of change in our planet’s biodiversity, both positive and negative. Let’s create cities that preserve and celebrate wild nature!

WILD Cities is an growing coalition of over 40 urban champions, public, private, and nonprofit groups,  who are committed improving life in urban areas by protecting, restoring, and celebrating wild nature in and around cities.

What We Do

WILD Cities improves urban health and well-being by encouraging actions and beliefs that treat wild nature as an integral component of a healthy city.  Initiated at the 2013 World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain, we set out to help cities overcome the perception that  wild nature is an impediment to development by discovering just how easy it is to derive the benefits of a diverse and abundant urban ecology. WILD Cities is an international learning exchange for our urban partners and a campaign catalyst and organizer that advances research, public relations, and public enthusiasm to promote discovery and support for urban nature.

What WILD Cities Makes Possible

WILD Cities puts wild nature on the urban agenda. Using an international network of urban champions, we are elevating local threats to biodiversity to the global level, and bringing the power of international collaboration to bear on regional change.

With our issue-oriented campaign, Urban Allies, we are improving the relationship between cities and large carnivores. Through this campaign, WILD Cities is driving measurable improvements in cities, ensuring that ecosystems support urban health, and urban people value and respect healthy and intact ecology.

WILD Cities mission? To nurture wild nature in cities, so that wild nature can nurture us.

Wilderness infrastructure is as important as transport, water, electricity etc. . . This provides quality, healthy recreation and most important is that it puts us in touch with nature. Biodiversity fires our imagination and stimulates our sense of wonder. For me wilderness is a tonic.

Shardul Bajikar

Adventurer and Conservationist - Mumbai, India

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