The beautiful things in nature uplift us. Our creative expressions of nature in art and film connect the people of all WILD Cities.

Creative Inspiration

We’ll continue to fill this section with things that inspire us. Our Founding Partner, WILD Foundation, has long been a leader in creative conservation projects that use art and nature to elevate impact and spirit. Their story is included in film here. The painted jaguar at right was one such example of the WILD magic of nature and art at WILD9 in Merida, Mexico.

Below are some short videos, each of which tells a part of the WILD Cities story. Collectively, they weave a web that captures the spirit of the movement and includes some of our closest partners, from NPX‘s WILD Cities film to Nature RX‘s prescription for a happier planet. Regenerating and celebrating wild nature in urban areas takes creativity, conviction, gratitude and joy. The relationships that form between Champions who embrace these values – and this way of working – form the foundation of future WILD Cities. The result will be better relationships between people and the rest of nature.

Every child should know what it feels like to have their bare feet touch the earth, to hear the wind whistle through leaves and blades of grass, and to hear waves crash on shore. And every adult should have the opportunity to pause, heal and reconnect with who we are. As more and more people move to urban centers around the world, it is even more important that we recognize that we would not exist without nature – that nature is at our very core – and so it deserves a place of honor in our cities.

Dana Romanoff

Visual Storyteller - Boulder, Colorado, USA

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