San Francisco Department of the Environment – San Francisco, California, USA


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San Francisco is known for its commitment to the environment and its stunning natural beauty among many desirable characteristics. As an example of its leadership, on November 22, 2011, the Commission on the Environment adopted Resolution 2011-05-COE, which specifically acknowledged the importance of protecting, restoring, and enhancing the city’s biodiversity and directed SF Environment (SFE) staff to seek funding for a biodiversity program. In December of 2012, SFE hired its first ever biodiversity staff person, who is working with multiple City agencies and community partners to create a robust local biodiversity conservation program for the City.

San Francisco is habitat for 800,000 people – meeting needs for space to work, play, and learn; for food, water, and air; for community with local flora and fauna. SF Environment provides support for connecting to local nature, urban agriculture, urban forestry and green buildings, helping residents and businesses harness environmental opportunities.

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September 26, 2015