Tel Aviv Nature Reserve Campaign – Tel Aviv, Israel

Photo © Daniel Berkowic/Tel Aviv Nature Reserve Campaign Facebook Page

Tel Aviv is a coastal city built on dunes and “Tel Aviv Nature Reserve” is the name of a campaign to preserve what remains of the original dunes in the Northwestern tip of the city. For four years a group of residents have been working together to change the intent of this ridge and preserve its current topography by declaring “Tel Aviv Nature Reserve” an urban nature reserve. We have initiated a variety of activities intended to illustrate the enormous potential for the residents and thus for the city of Tel Aviv.  Thousands of people have attended our activities so far, including classes from kindergartens through to high school, higher education institutions, summer camps, youth groups, families and elder citizens. We emphasize the fact that there are no other areas in the city that can provide the same educational interaction with nature or emotional well-being.

A professional Israeli birder referred to the “Tel Aviv Nature Reserve” area as:  “… one of the best areas for birding in this season of the year, … an early morning whiff of nature before going to the office, hearing the birds and really feeling nature all around … in the midst of the busy city”. He spotted a female type Namaqua Dove – Oena , and wrote “very rarely seen migrating along the coast, let alone in Tel Aviv”.

One of Israel’s leading botanists explained that this area inhabits numerous types of rare species unique to Israel some of which are declared “threatened”.  Furthermore the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has pronounced this area as having high priority for conservation.

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January 18, 2016