Join others from around the world who have declared their commitment to regenerating and celebrating wild nature in cities.

There is perhaps no space more healing, humbling, empowering, and non-judging as nature. And although places like Yosemite and Denali are worthy destinations to strive for, people shouldn’t have to travel thousands of miles to connect with the natural world. Making nature accessible in cities is a critical step to helping people remember who we are at our core, and what kind of world we want to create together.
Amy Marquis

Visual Storyteller - Boulder, Colorado, USA


Within the next two decades, 70-80% of the global population will live in cities and many of those cities have yet to be created. Wild landscapes and large concentrations of wildlife exist in or near developed and developing urban areas. As the world becomes increasingly urban, human connections to wild nature are eroding. We need to create enduring connections between people and nature by restoring it where the majority of people live. The WILD Cities campaign seizes this opportunity to regenerate and celebrate wild nature as we design and restore our cities of today and tomorrow. We invite organizations (social, cultural, environmental), businesses, city planners and officials to join this collaborative campaign by signing the WILD Cities Declaration. Please view the WILD Cities Becoming a Champion document for more information about what that entails. You are welcome to read the full 2-page WILD Cities Declaration, la Declaración en Españolor simply view the declared commitments here before signing.

Declaration Commitments
By signing the Declaration, you or your organization join the WILD Cities team, Partners and Founding Champions in advancing these shared goals. Signing organizations will be featured on the Champions page. If you are signing on behalf of an organization or business, please indicate so in Address Line 1 or 2. Thank you for your work and support! We’re grateful for your commitment and we welcome you!

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