Introducing URBAN ALLIES!

Introducing Urban Allies! A campaign that facilitates the development and implementation of solutions that allow large predators to play a role in places where it benefits nature near urban areas, and keeps large predators out of places where they are destructive.  No one wants large carnivores downtown, but cities still need their influence to efficiently promote safe and healthy ecology. That is why, as the world urbanizes, it is so important to develop proactive policies that renegotiate the relationship between cities and large carnivores, reducing the likelihood bears, cougars, and coyotes will come into conflict with humans while simultaneously retaining the invaluable ecological services they provide urban areas. These services include:

  • Healthier soils and native vegetation as bears, cougars, and coyotes control deerd and prairie dog populations.
  • Healthier watersheds
  • Reduced risk of disease from pest species
  • Healthier songbird populations
  • Stream bank stability
  • Improved canopy cover

Urban Allies creates collective impact by recruiting stakeholder groups in different cities to develop and support goals and solutions that improve the relationship between people and large carnivores near urban areas. And we need YOUR help! If you are interested in Urban Allies, and would like to know more, contact Tim Nickles, WILD Cities Program Director.

Check back later in 2016 when URBAN ALLIES begins to roll out the champion portals with updates and information specific to each campaign species and area.

What is a campaign?

We all feel better when our cities live in harmony with wild nature. So how is it we actually achieve a wild and ecologically healthy urban haven?

WILD Cities achieves large-scale landscape ecosystem integrity, in part, by organizing single-issue campaigns that build knowledge, awareness, and enthusiasm for the many components that contribute to an intact and healthy urban ecosystem. In this way, we elevate public appreciation for natural ecosystems and bolster momentum for lasting and meaningful change. All campaign issues WILD Cities adopts serve the larger purpose of creating healthy urban ecology.

In short, a campaign is an idea that brings people together to take coordinated, positive action on behalf of cities and wild nature!

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